October 19th is the date that Amazon is currently scheduled to receive all of its bids for relocating the company’s headquarters, and various metropolitan regions all across the United States have been hard at work preparing for the potential to; however, the company is also currently looking at the bid that has been put forth by the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

As long as Amazon and Jeff Bezos are able to get past what the Texas Legislature has become, as well as passing on many of the other cities that have proven to be Dallas-Fort Worth’s toughest competitors (Austin, Denver, Minneapolis, etc.), and that the company will see that North Texas can offer a great deal of potential locations for Amazon’s headquarters, as well as a much deeper tech employee base than Austin can offer. If all of these are able to happen, the end result could be a battle between Dallas and Fort Worth themselves to eventually host the new Amazon headquarters.


The potential of an Amazon headquarters in North Texas, regardless of where it’s located, is something that will have a tremendous impact on the entire region, similar to other large corporation relocations such as AT&T and Toyota did in the past.

Even though the headquarters could change the entire identity of the city of Dallas, there are some who believe that it may be too early to dig into the possible site plans for the headquarters that recently surfaced from entities including real estate developers and community groups.

Amazon HQ logo

Furthermore, there’s also the question of talking about what is happening on a more national level, such as why Amazon should either go to the east coast or stay in a more central time zone. Additionally, sites are also way down on the list as well, which creates an issue with the regional bidding process itself. For instance, if Amazon is actually searching for a more urban location for their new headquarters, and if North Texas is successful in convincing the company that their environment is the right one for them to build in, then this means that Amazon could choose to go with Fort Worth instead of Dallas.

However, the most important thing right now, according to many, is to just ensure that everybody gets to the next round.

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