One of the first things that new parents consider is how they can toddler-proof their home once they bring their new little one home. However, despite how prepared you might think you are and how much you think you may have gotten done, there is a good chance that you missed at least one thing.

Here are three useful ways that you can toddler-proof your home:

Place Photo Frames Up High

Whenever a photo frame accidentally gets knocked over, the glass can break and create a safety hazard. This includes cutting anyone who tries picking up the pieces, and can also include a toddler who may try to get their hands on the pieces as well. The best way to prevent this is to put the frames up out of reach, such as on a high shelf or hanging them on a wall. You could even replace the glass with plastic.

Mount Your TV

Whenever a child attempts to climb onto a television set, there is always the risk that the set will tip over and fall onto them, thereby causing great bodily injury. One way to prevent this from happening is to mount your television onto a wall. This also applies to televisions that already sit on their own stands.

Hide Power Strips

When it comes to power strips, toddlers can very easily unplug something from them, or worse, stick smaller-sized objects into them, which can cause them to get shocked. To prevent this, consider hiding power strips behind furniture, or even better, purchase power strip covers.

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