“You can have nice things, or you can have kids, but you can’t have both” is a very common sentiment in households across the nation. Whether you’ve decided to start a family, have a little one on the way, or just watched your sweet pea’s first steps, chances are you want flooring that will outlast sippy cup spills, and plastic lawn mowers. After thinking about flooring from many angles, we’ve come up with a couple of options for your consideration:

  1. Wait a While

If you’re reading this article, it is almost certain that you have your eyes on a specific type of flooring, and want to ensure it’s baby proof. If this is the case, we hope what you’ve chosen in on our list! If you have a little bit of wiggle room in your flooring timeline, it might be better to wait until your kids are past the “writing on the floor with permanent marker” stage.

  1. Bamboo for Your Boo

Bamboo has been proven to outlast dents, scuffs, scratches and so much more. Bamboo flooring is on the resistant end of laminate, which is pretty dang tough. If you’re remodeling a high traffic area, you may want to consider choosing bamboo.

  1. Carpet

Although carpet isn’t notoriously stain resistant, like at all, it is “slip resistant” meaning it may be better for a child that is still in the early stages of life. If you know your child will be crawling soon, carpet is an option that will be kinder to their hands and knees than hard wood or cold tile.

  1. Cork Flooring

We can’t teach you how to recycle all of those saved wine corks *sigh*, but we can give you advice about the best cork flooring! Cork flooring is notorious for being softer than hardwood, and easier to clean. It is a natural mold repellant, and won’t collect dander the way carpet does.

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