An air taxi service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is looking to be launched by Uber and Bell Helicopter, who are seeking to get the project running by the year 2023.

Officials state that they expect test flights to take place in 2020, with the final operation being launched in 2023.

They also state that the service itself would utilize battery-powered helicopters, which would both take off and land vertically. The helicopters themselves would be manufactured by Bell.

The air taxi service, which currently has the working title of Uber Elevate, would also operate from two different areas: Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and The Star at Frisco. These areas would be known as “vertiports.” Other locations could potentially be added in the future, such as Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington.

The overall idea is for residents of North Texas to use Uber or Lyft to assist them with ground transportation from the vertiports to the areas that would be considered their main destination.

The Federal Aviation Administration is said to be ready to work with Uber and Bell to help develop an acceptable strategy regarding the project; however, the FAA will also need to take a close look at how they can regulate airspace that measures a few hundred feet off of the ground.

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