Christmas decorations can get pricey, especially this time of year. We are here to help you make the most with your budget this season with DIY Christmas decorations for your home.

Fake a Roaring Fireplace

Living in an apartment or have a house with a fireplace? Get creative and turn a canvas into a faux fireplace with chalkboard paint and chalk drawings. Then you can even use stockings to hang up on top of it to add to the Christmas spirit.

Candy Canes as Ornaments

Many people use candy canes as ornaments on their tree. They are perfect and ready to hang straight out of the box. Plus, kids love helping hang these and even eating a few along the way. It is perfect for a family tree and great if you’re on a budget.


Any season calls for a banner. You can create a banner by upholstering one or just cut scrapbook paper to make letters or just have the colors represented on your tree.

Tree Substitute

If you don’t have a tree or have one already but want a mini one, take a vase and fill it with evergreen clippings. It is a handy stand in for a Christmas tree to fill small spaces. You can make it festive by wiring ornaments onto the branches and piling presents underneath it. Like any centerpieces, change the water every few days to keep the greenery looking its best.


Take a normal chalkboard or even spray paint wood signs with chalk paint and decorate it with a holiday saying. If you’re even more artsy, go ahead and draw ornaments or reindeer or even more Christmas trees to carry the Christmas spirit with you anywhere. This chalkboard can then be reused for all seasons of the year. It’s a great money saver!

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