Paper plate ghosts

All you need is white paper plates, tissue paper, and white printer paper! This is also a fun, easy project for the kids. Simply cut out hands in a “Boo!” pose from the printer paper and glue to either side of the plate. Then cut the white tissue paper (or use other colors for a bit of Halloween fun!) in long, whispy strands. Use a sharpie, markers, or other decorations to draw a cute (or scary) ghost face on the paper plates, and voila! You have fun, easy-to-hang ghosts.

Styrofoam Spiders

Want to fill the house with creepy crawlies that *don’t* go bump inthe night? All you need is styrofoam balls (any craft store or general goods store should have them), black pipe cleaner, and either black pant with a paint brush or a black marker. If painting, paint the styrofoam balls black. It’s best to do one side at a time and let that half dry before painting the other side so it doesn’t stick to whatever surface you’re painting on (don’t forget to lay out newspapers for easy cleanup!). If you’re using marker or a sharpie, just color in the styrofoam until it’s all black. Take eight black pipe cleaners and poke four into each side of the “body” of your spider. Bent them into legs so she can stand, and you have yourself a cool Halloween spider!

Ghoulish pillow faces

All you need is iron-on fabric and some scissors! You can either print out a stencil and draw the faces first, or free hand them if you’re feeling artistic. Simply draw and cut out the faces you want, and iron them onto any decorative pillows you have around the house for a fun Halloween spin to your sofa!

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