Family members and close friends begin to show up the most during the holiday season. Make sure your guest room is ready for the holidays with these tips!

Change the Sheets

Fresh linens are the easiest way to make a guest’s home away from home clean and soothing. Sheets straight out of the laundry leave a scent of clean and comfort that will stay as long as their stay. Use scent beads in your wash to make it last even longer!

Provide Water

If guests are thirsty in the middle of the night or need a bottle to grab with them before their daily adventures while they’re in town, they need water the most. Leave them water bottles on the dresser or under a nightstand to make sure they have something to drink at all times.


Place snacks in a basket or dish for them in case they get hungry and don’t want to bother you. This is perfect for those midnight hunger pains or even if they need a snack for the plane on the ride back.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers are an easy way to add comfort for your guests with a fresh scent. They are especially perfect for a sparsely decorated space.

Design Based on Age

If your guest is a family, be sure to add some toys in the room in case the children get bored or need something to do. Make sure there are chargers for adults and teens and charging strips for easy access for a full family.

Double Up on Space

An easy trick to decorating your guest room is to include two beds. Children can use the space to hold sleepovers during the year and then the beds can be pushed together for couples who are spending the night. This is the most flexible way to comfortably accommodate an array of visitors.

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