The largest homeless shelter in Dallas, the Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, is now operating under new “Good Neighbor” rules, despite local residents claiming that these new guidelines are only making everything worse.

These new guidelines essentially make the shelter itself responsible for both maintaining and securing a two-block radius around the perimeter of the actual building, ensuring that it’s free and clear of any and all code violations and nuisances.

Residents who live in the Cedars neighborhood, which is part of where the boundary for the shelter touches, claim that this policy has brought more homeless people to their own doorsteps. As a result, they want Dallas to completely redraw the boundary.

The neighborhood association president in Cedars had the following to say:

It deliberately pushes the most marginalized of our homeless neighbors into the Cedars. It deliberately pushes them over the fence into the neighbors yard.”

Meanwhile, officials at the Bridge Homeless Recovery Center had the following to say about the issue, despite having previously negotiated with Dallas in regards to the boundary, saying that it represents all that they can afford to maintain without having to request more funding from the city itself:

We are not a safety company or a maintenance company. We are a homeless services provider, that’s our bread and butter. Every dollar that we take out of that and put into cleaning up a neighborhood is dollars that we are taking away from people who desperately need it.”

Both parties have until this coming spring to reach some sort of an agreement on the matter.

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