No matter what type of fence that you decide to go with, it will always play a big role in the exterior design of your home. Furthermore, it will also provide not only a sense of home itself, but also a sense of safety as well.

Here are three different types of fences to make note of and to consider when you’re ready to begin your own type of fencing project:


This is perhaps one of the most popular types of fences throughout the United States, mainly because of the following reasons:

*It’s one of the more attractive options

*Homeowners gain a sense of privacy thanks to wood height


It’s important to note that the size and height of the fence will impact how much it will actually cost altogether, as the more lumber you require, the more expensive the project itself will be.

Wrought Iron

This type of fence is both beautiful and strong; however, there is a great amount of upkeep that is constantly required with them. This means that every two to three years, the fence itself will need to be either sanded or repainted. It’s also worth noting that these fences are entirely custom-made, so they are not the best option if your goal is penny-pinching.


This type of fence, also known as an invisible fence, is generally used to help contain dogs thanks to an invisible field of electricity. The dog will also generally wear a collar that’s battery-powered, which receives a signal from the fence wire. This will warn the animal when it gets too close to the fence thanks to a sound that’s pitched to the hearing of the animal. An electric shock will be administered to the animal if it attempts to cross the fence.

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