There are many people from the town of Port Arthur, one area hit especially hard by Hurricane Harvey, who haven’t been able to sleep very well in a local Fort Worth shelter ever since they first got to town as part of a group of evacuees looking to escape the devastation caused by the storm. Many of them say that their backs and necks are aching so much from having to always sleep on the cots that they’ve been provided with; however, at the same time, they also say that they’re so blessed and thankful to even have a place to go at all.

Some families were able to go to the shelter together, while others, in the meantime, were split up among different cities in Texas, some within virtually hundreds of miles of each other. Despite this, some of those people have been taken in by fellow family members and are thankfully safe. Unfortunately, not everyone is sure that they’ll be able to go back to the same places that they’ve called home for many years thanks to the damage caused by the monster storm. Many of them are under the belief that they will have to start over.

Supplies arrive in Ft. Worth

Furthermore, many of the evacuees have learned that their places of work have closed down thanks to Harvey, at least for the foreseeable future, which has led to them to begin seeking loans so that they have money to send to family members who have been evacuated elsewhere throughout the state.

Some of the evacuees are also wondering if they can find something to do in terms of work in Fort Worth, though they are currently unsure as to whether or not they can, even though they say they’d love to. A majority of them say that the only thing keeping them going every day is being able to talk to their other family members evacuated elsewhere, even if it’s just for a few short minutes.

While there are also tensions building up at the shelter at times, such as potential fights that often need to be broken up, there are also bright moments, such as needing to take a bus to go to the store for even the most basic essentials, only for the bus driver to refuse to take bus fare so that evacuees won’t have to worry about spending their last bit of money.