The number that is typically thrown around when it comes to carpet replacement timelines is 10 years. Unfortunately, there may be too many factors at play in order to give a set replacement number. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not to replace your carpet:

  1. Is your carpet matted?

Carpets made of polyester are known to become matted when they are no longer useful. If you find that even after a carpet cleaning, the tufts don’t return to their original position it may be time to replace the carpet. If the tufts return back to their original form you may be working with nylon which lasts a bit longer. The usual matted locations are near entrances and high traffic areas.

  1. Are There Pets in the Home?

Depending on the length of your furry friend’s fur, you may want to consider replacing your carpet sooner. Pet dander can remain in carpet fibers, even after a deep clean, and cause extensive health issues.

  1. Is There an Odd Odor?

Any odd smells that remain in your carpet could be a sign that your carpet is beyond repair. If you’ve already given the carpet a deep clean, and a strange odor remains, carpet replacement may be your best bet.

  1. Do You Have a lot of Stains?

We won’t judge you if you spilled a bit of red wine the other day, but a family of carpet stains can take away from the overall feel of a room. If you have more stains than furniture to cover them, then it might be time for a new carpet.

  1. Has Your Padding Thrown in the Towel?

Behind every great carpet is even greater padding. When carpet is placed down, the installer usually places a thick sheet of padding below it. If you notice that the padding below your carpet is done for, it may be a sign that your carpet is as well.

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