A Lidl grocery store will soon be making its way to the town of Flower Mound after the Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday approved a site plan for the store to be constructed on the town’s north side. The store, which will measure approximately 35,700 square feet and one story in height, will be located at the southwest intersection of Stone Hill Farms Parkway and FM 407, according to an official proposal that had previously been submitted. The property itself is located just north of the neighborhood of Stone Hill Farms.

Town commissioners have expressed excitement at the thought of a supermarket of any kind being within walking distance of many of the residents of Flower Mound, even much so that they took the step of discussing accessibility at recent meetings in regards to the Lidl store proposal. This is great news for families searching for homes for sale in Fort Worth and surrounding areas, including Flower Mound.

For instance, it was proposed that the only pedestrian access point with the exception of the main driveway is currently located on the property’s north side, which is along FM 107 and up Stone Hill Farms Parkway. There was some concern expressed regarding residents having to essentially walk around the property itself and onto an extremely busy street in order to gain access to the store. Furthermore, it was expressed that current space constraints on the property, which included the need to have as many parking spaces as possible, practically prevented the current site from installing a sidewalk that goes from the neighborhood to the store.

It was further suggested that, in order to correct these issues and to allow for easier access to the store, the number of overall parking spaces should be reduced in order to allow for a sidewalk to be installed. Currently, there are 168 parking spaces on the current lot; however, the current requirement for the project calls for a total of 144. It was also noted that the plan can always be changed in order to allow for four fewer parking spaces so that a patterned or striped concrete strip can be implemented that designates a walkway to get to the store from Stone Hill Farms.

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