At the present time, Hank Carter is officially the highest-paid coach in Texas high school sports, and it’s all thanks to his annual salary of $155,156. This totals more than $30,000 than the principal of Lake Travis High School is currently being paid, as well as triple the average salary al every teacher who works at the school.

It’s also known through records obtained via the Texas Public Information Act that taxpayers in the state are consistently funding salaries of six figures for head football coaches, especially those who live within the state’s large suburban school districts. A total of 205 requests were made back in June by one local newspaper for the annual salaries of head football coaches and principals located at each 5A and 6A school, in which the results would be placed into a searchable database to help analyze the results.

Currently, there is no actual limit on how much head football coaches can be paid. All that’s required is for administrators to set the contracts, then have the school board both vote on and approve them. As far as whether or not any amount is too much, it really depends on who you ask, as there are some people who really place a lot of value on their local high school football teams. However, they also feel that the same amount of value needs to be equally placed on teachers as well.

On a statewide level, head football coaches typically earn an average of approximately $98,668, while teachers earn around $55,221. 5A and 6A school principals, in the meantime, earn around $117,744.

According to a majority of administrators, the pool of qualified teachers is generally smaller than the pool of qualified head coaches for football. This is typically because coaches are also the athletic coordinators at the campuses in which they are currently employed. Furthermore, it’s also said that the dual role of football coaches also enables many districts to save money in the long run due to the fact that the district won’t actually have to pay another administrator.