When it comes to living the fancy life, it is truly about the details. Small changes to any home can have you feeling like royalty. After careful consideration, we’ve gathered a list of ways to make your home feel fancier to you and your guests.

  1. Add Key Metal

Including metal pieces into any room, can truly add to the luxurious feel. A copper bowl on the dining table, or a giant silver spoon in the kitchen can change the entire dynamic of your home.

  1. Include Antique Pieces

Any piece that looks like it has a good story to it is the perfect luxurious accessory. If you head over to a local antique shop, you’re sure to find a couple of pieces to add to any room.

  1. Add Luxury Seating

A single velvet chair in the living room, or high-quality bar stools in the kitchen change the ambiance. If the master bedroom has extra space, you may want to consider adding luxury seating in there.

  1. Stick to Natural Colors

If you have a neon green couch, this one is for you. Or if your room of choice has a lot of bright colors that don’t coincide.

  1. Add a Focal Point

Adding a single eye-catching piece is the perfect way to add luxury to a room. Whether it be the luxury seating mentioned in the previous point, or wall art that stounds out, a focal point is pivotal to any room

  1. Change the Molding

The molding and trim of a room are very subtle aspects that can change a room for the better. If this is your luxury piece of choice, you may want to consider seeking assistance from a professional. The molding of a home is usually attached in a very specific way.

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