Your guest room speaks to what kind of host you are. It should be clean but cozy and there are many ways to make it nicer than staying in a hotel.

Add Extra Blankets and Pillows

Each person has different needs when it comes to sleep, meaning you will always want to make sure your overnight guests are as comfortable as possible by providing some extra blankets and pillows. Guests will be able to add as much as they need in order to stay as warm and comfortable as they need to be.

Provide Entertainment

Consider placing books, magazines, or even a television in your guest room, all of which can help your guests unwind after going through a long, hard, and tiring day. These types of entertainment can also help pass the time prior to breakfast in the event that your guest wakes up early.

Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks, especially decorative ones, can make interesting statements when placed on a bedside table in your guest room. Additionally, it can help your guests stay on schedule, regardless of what it is that they may have on their agenda.

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