Thanks to the availability of information regarding real estate online, it’s now much easier to be more informed when it comes to either buying or selling a home. At the same time, digital information hasn’t done a whole lot to lessen how important it is to select the right real estate agent.

Hiring the wrong agent to do business with can end up in the entire deal going right down the drain, which could leave you with no new place to call home.

Here are three red flags that you should consider making note of in order to ensure that you select the right real estate agent.

Your Agent is a Relative

Never, ever do business with a real estate agent who is also a relative of yours, no matter how good they may claim to be. Not only can your entire transaction end up in danger of failing, but resentment can arise as well.

Your Agent Only Works Part-Time

Any good real estate agent should always be following the market every single day, no matter what. The right agent for you will always jump on brand new listings and take the time to show them to you right away. And if you’re selling a home, you should always have an agent who is available to show it to any and all potential buyers.

Your Agent’s Face Appears in Online Listings

Simply put, the face of a real estate agent appears in online listings for homes because the agent is the one who paid for that to happen. This doesn’t always mean that they will be the best choice for you to consider. Take the time to interview them on your own and obtain more information this way rather than accepting the assertion of a website they appear on.

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