Chances are that at some point or another in your life, you’ve likely heard the saying “that home has good bones.” However, you may not exactly know what that saying means. It means that the home has good architectural integrity, yet the features included in that could have us basically drawing a blank since we aren’t sure of the features themselves.

Here are three things that indictate a home may have “good bones.”

The Floor Plan is Solid

A layout that’s streamlined is something that can cause a home to have great structural integrity. The floor plan itself must reflect how people live today, such as an acceptable flow between private rooms and public rooms inside the home. Additionally, there should also be plenty of usable living space.

Interesting Architectural Details

Design elements such as baseboards, chair railings, exposed beams, and attractive paneling can also create “good bones” within a home. Furthermore, these types of elements can also help you develop your own personal style thanks to a great infrastructure.

No Major Renovations Required

So much can be done on the inside of a home as long as it has a solid roof, solid foundation, and is sturdy. This is a good sign that only minor renovations will need to be performed rather than spending a lot of time on major ones.

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