It can be difficult to truly distinguish a home that’s been solidly remodeled from a home that’s been poorly remodeled. Thankfully, your real estate agent can help you with something like this, and a home inspector can help with finding flaws in locations such as the roofing and electrical system. However, the final decision regarding the remodel is yours to make.

Here are three signs in which flipping a home may be a good idea.

Pay Attention to the Flooring

Flooring is perhaps one of the easiest things to screw up in any kind of remodeling project, and it can be extremely annoying to have to live with whenever it’s done wrong. If hardwood is installed incorrectly, it can end up buckling or warping, while incorrectly-installed laminate can create a sort of funhouse effect. Always take the time to check out the flooring, because it can be extremely uneven if its a DIY job.

Check All Major Systems

You will also want to ensure that all major systems are in good working order. This means that you will need to check areas such as the roof, windows, and HVAC unit. If you find that these are not working as well as they should be, take the time to begin work to improve them.

Focus on the Kitchen

A kitchen can be expensive to remodel, and there’s always a great chance that corners may have been cut if the job wasn’t done by a professional. Begin by examining all of the cabinetry work, as most homeowners only replace the bottom cabinets. Additionally, check the quality of the wood, as well as the finish on all of the cabinets. You should also take the time to check areas such as the backsplash and the countertops.

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