Now that the sun is rising later and the kids have returned to school for another year of learning, the time has come to take steps to help prepare your home for the fall season. There are all sorts of tasks that you can perform over the short span of a few weeks, but in the end, you will be working hard to ensure that your home is fully prepared for the cooler weather.

Here are three ways in which you can prepare your home for fall:

Service Your HVAC Unit

Chances are you’ve used your air conditioner more than just a few times during the summer; however, fall is the best time to allow that setting to rest. Always be sure that you clean the coils prior to turning it off for the winter. If need be, you can also contact a professional to service your unit.

Turn Off Outdoor Sprinklers and Faucets

Cold weather can naturally cause water and pipes to freeze on occasion. The same thing applies to outdoor faucets and sprinklers. Always take the time to make sure that both of these are fully turned off in order to prevent the pipes themselves from not just freezing, but also potentially bursting as well.

Inspect/Clean Your Chimney

Not having a properly cleaned chimney can result in your home being filled with things such as smoke, soot, and even worse, carbon monoxide. This type of job is best completed by a professional, who will generally only charge around $100 to $200.

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