Halloween is a holiday that can be extremely fun for younger-aged children, as they’re able to get dressed up in their favorite costumes and go trick-or-treating for candy. However, this type of activity can turn out to be dangerous if parents don’t take all of the necessary safety precautions.

Here are three ways to help you stay safe while trick-or-treating:

Remain on the Sidewalk

When walking during the evening or nighttime for trick-or-treating, always remain on the sidewalk and never walk in the street. If you have to cross a street, always look both ways beforehand and use crosswalks where necessary

Check All Candy

When you’ve finished trick-or-treating, always take the time to check the candy your child has received. If you find any that isn’t in their original wrappers or if it appears that it’s been previously opened, throw them away immediately.

Have Your Child Wear a Short Costume

If a child wears a long costume, there is always the chance that they could trip, fall, and hurt themselves. When searching for a costume, make sure that it’s at a length that’s appropriate. If you find any part that’s too long, take the time to hem it to a shorter length.

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