A Little League team that hails from the town of Flower Mound emerged victorious in the recent USSSA Global Little League World Series tournament late last month. The team, known as the 13&U Texas Rattlers – Kleinsorge, initially qualified for the tournament in Gulf Shores, Alabama after they really proved themselves by playing in multiple tournaments in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Following this, they then traveled to the World Series tournament itself in late June.

Even though there were multiple obstacles and delays thanks in large part to the onset of the dangerous Tropical Storm Cindy, there still ended up being just enough time for all 34 teams that qualified to take part in the tournament. The 13&U Texas Rattlers – Kleinsorge also knew that they had to go up against teams that were situated in multiple various player classifications that were much higher than the one that they were in, but they didn’t let that stop them from moving on to the finals of the USSSA Global Little League World Series tournament on June 24th, where they faced off against the Louisiana Precision Baseball Club. In that game, the Rattlers emerged victorious with a final astonishing score of 21-5.

One of the player’s parents was quoted after the Rattlers’ victory as saying that it ended up being such a crazy win, but that the team itself was truly on fire the entire time that they played.

Typically, the Rattlers play in the AAA classification of the Flower Mound Youth Association’s competitive select program. When the team took part in the USSSA Global Little League World Series tournament, they were able to withstand and eventually defeat a few opposing teams that were situated in the Majors classification. Generally, this is a tier classification of Little League teams that is situated higher than that of AAA.

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