If the home you just purchased has a large tree there are a series of things that may be running through your mind. You may be picturing the large hammock you’ll hang from the tree, or the treehouse you’ll build for your kiddos. You might pre-plan how you’ll deter the squirrel who keeps stealing the bird feed. While you’re thinking about all these fun things, there are a couple of pros and cons you may want to keep in mind as well.


  1. Energy

Will you have more energy in your day to day? Sorry, no. You will, however, have more energy in your home. According to the USDA Forest Service, a mature well-placed tree could save you up to 56% on air conditioning in the summer, and heat in the winter.

  1. Free Shade

In this day and age of 100 degree summers, shade is a hot commodity. A large mature tree can provide you enough shade to survive even the most grueling summer.

  1. Cash Money

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? A large tree in your front yard can drastically increase the sale price of your home. Growing a healthy tree takes time that most home buyers aren’t ready for, thus a pre-planted tree typically catches a buyer’s eye.


  1. Your Home’s Foundation

A tree that was placed, or grows to close to your home can cause serious damage. If the branches are touching the roof of your home, you may want to get it removed. If the branches aren’t too close, you aren’t necessarily in the clear. A mature tree can have extremely long roots that may cause issues underground.

  1. Tree Maintenance

Committing to a good tree is like committing to a good man, you’ll have to clean up after him forever. If picking up used socks is already a part of your agenda, you may want to add picking up used leaves to the list. It truly depends on the size and species of your tree, but you’re most likely looking at biweekly cleanup.

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